Sport and Citizenship joined WFPD

President of Sport and Citizenship (Sport et Citoyenneté) Mr. Laurent Thieule signed the Manifesto of the World Fair Play Day on 11 February 2021. We are pleased to welcome this organization with a wide network among our partners.

Sport and Citizenship is the only think tank in Europe whose social purpose is the analysis of sports policies and the study of the societal impact of sport.
Independent, it draws on ten years of expertise and enjoys recognition from public authorities and stakeholders in European sport. It is thus regularly consulted by international and European institutions, Member States, the sports movement and civil society, who recognize it as a privileged interlocutor in this field. He is currently leading several European projects, including the PACTE project to promote physical activity.
Sport and Citizenship produces a reflection on the socio-political issues of sport. The objective is to participate in the process of building public, national and European policies, sport, health, education, citizenship, sustainable development, the economy and social cohesion.